Sachimolds,one 100% subsidiary Unit and brand of IRL Tech Industrial Group Co.,Ltd,(Herein after IRL) startded from 1999, fully owning three first-class factories and one joint-venture in mainland China. Dedicated in plastic, silicone & hardware molds and their finished parts, striving to be the leading mold & molding manufacturer in the world.

IRL Tech Industrial Group Co.,Ltd a comprehensive manufacturing enterprise group, with expertise in designing and producing plastic, silicone and metal molds and their finished parts,PCBA designning,Flex and rigid board designning,assembly ,testing,and the total solution provider of EMS and ODM for the electronics mobile device. Since the establishment of the organization, IRL has aimed to create the maximum value for its customers by its first-class manufacturing facilities, strong engineering capability and reliable quality assurance system.

Sachimolds has built a very strong engineering department with over 30 professional engineers. This team is responsible for mold and part design, programming and project management. Through this knowhow and expertise, Sachimolds continues to strive at creating greater value for her global customers.

In addition, Sachimolds has not only been to striving toward the goal of being industry leader but also carrying the mission to promote the harmony and prosperity of society.

With the fast development of the group, Sachimolds has wholly owned Dongguan plastic & mold factory, Shenzhen plastic & mold factory, Dongguan silicone factory, Shenzhen commercial company, Hongkong financial and logistics company, United States sales branch, with plans to build European sales branch to serve her European customer better.

Sachimolds has huge advantage to design and produce high precise molds. She has a full range of mold-making and measuring equipment, include Swiss Mikron high-speed CNC, Swiss Charmilles mirror EDM, Japan Sodick Slow Wire-cutting machine, Germany THOME and UK LK automatic 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine etc, totaling over 120 machines.

Sachimolds also produces a broad range of plastic, silicone and metal products. Production is facilitated with around 140 plastic injection molding machines with capacity from 75 to 1000 tons, include dual-color injection machines, Germany DEMAG, Japan TOYO and FANUC high-speed injection machines. To further compliment the production capability, Sachimolds equipped with 50 silicone injection, silicone compression, silicone dispensing machines, also metal diecasting machine and much more.

To meet our customer’s further demands, Sachimolds is specially set with full Automatic Painting Lines, Water Plating Lines, Vacuum Plating Lines, Laser Engraving Machines, Ultrasonic welding Machines, Silk-screen and Pad Printing Lines and Sub-assembly Lines. All these services are provided in-house under Sachimolds’s control and expertise, that means the quality control flows all the way through to finished goods can be fully guaranteed!

In recent years, Sachimolds has been building very close and strategic partnership with many other factories in China in various fields so as to provide customers the supply-chain integrity and one-stop turn-key solutions. Nowadays Sachimolds has full capability with supporting customers to materialize their whole complex projects, from initial concept or rough sketch through to finished ideal product. Sachimolds’ ultimate goal is to become one of the most important section in global industry-supply chain.