Sachimolds embraces the quality management systems of ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001 and ISO13485. From incoming material to the outgoing finished products, every process is under its strict quality inspection.
  The development and ultimate survival of an enterprise lies within its customers’ satisfaction, on many levels, not least including quality, of which Sachimolds has a deep understanding.
  Sachimolds adopts the use of professional measurement and test instruments such as: 3CMM coordinator, 2D projectors, environmental testers, eroding testers and so on.
  Sachimolds is also making fully use of her exclusive ERP system to ensure the accuracy and traceability of all documentation, thus is vastly improving her management efficiency.
  Sachimolds’s constant improving quality has gained high acknowledgment and praise from all over the world. It was awarded with “The Advance Private Technological Enterprise of Guangdong Province”, “The Key Enterprise of Mold Industry of Dongguan City”, “The Vice-chairman Member of Shenzhen Machinery Association”.  It is also honorably appointed as “the Experimental Base of Mold Production, Study & Research of Dongguan University of Technology”.