IRL has full capacity on rubber and silicone mold and its finished parts with her 27 silicone compressing and 9 injection machines, especially on those innoxious silicone parts for medical, baby care, food holder and tablewareAll of our silicone parts are BPA free, and they have passed or can pass FDA, LFGB and VOC certification and are in hot selling in U.S , Canada, France, Germany and Japan etc. What we offer you? Silicone compression, injection, transfer injection and epoxy Silicone over molding plastic, metal and rubber Co-developing with your engineer, purchaser and quality assurance team to get better understanding of your requirement on product design and performance, thus reduce the time and risk. Superior technical problem-solving abilities Proactively develop and offer design and manufacturing solutions 100% inspection of product with return rates of less than 0.1% Specialized packaging and coordinated global shipping